Urban Rehabilitation

Sample of an outdoor mural in progress
Public Art Urban Rehabilitation

What is urban rehabilitation?  For us,  it means turning unloved and unused spaces into something beautiful. It means connecting community members with their urban spaces through large-scale public art.  It means utilizing blank walls and unused spaces that occupy our neighbourhoods to benefit our neighbourhoods.

Murals come with a long list of environmental benefits, including an increase in positive foot traffic,  community engagement, and less vandalism. The lacklustre greys of asphalt and concrete have negative impacts on our mental health, especially for the urban unhoused and street entrenched. Colourful and engaging murals help to combat this and create cultural landmarks to draw people in, start conversations, and increase visitation to the City.

Do you have an urban rehabilitation project in mind? A block or building you’d like to discuss?  Drop us a line!

We’re passionate about partnering with neighbourhood associations, community groups, and not-for-profit societies and charities.