Exterior Murals

Legion Branch 256 Murals
Outdoor Murals
Are you looking for a way to boost a blank wall, increase visitors to your business, showcase your brand or turn your building into an artistic landmark? BIG ideas, BIG art, BIG impact! Large-scale public art interventions, like murals, create vibrant neighbourhoods, attract visitors, and boost the economy. Municipalities can foster community pride and a sense of shared identity by adding new and engaging murals to their public art inventory. They help keep your community’s cultural offering fresh and dynamic, encourage tourism, and build an identity as an artistic hub. Murals come with a long list of environmental benefits as well, including an increase in positive foot traffic and deterring vandalism. They also combat the negative impacts that the lacklustre greys of asphalt and concrete have on our mental health. We have experience working with municipal staff, homeowners, business owners, property owners and managers, not-for-profit organizations, committees, and the community. Drop us a line to discuss how a mural could transform your outdoor space. Looking for sign painting? We do that too! Send us a message.