Mural Pricing & Policies

Minimum Price: Murals sized 0-160 square feet – $5,000

Pricing Starts at $35.00 per square foot and decreases with an increased size of mural; at 290sf price drops to $32/sf – at 500sf it drops to $30/sf – at 900sf the price drops to $28/sf.

( Your square footage is determined by multiplying the height and width of your painting surface.)

SAMPLE PRICING, per square foot:

Up to 10ft. X 16ft. 160ft.$5,600
11ft. X 16ft.176ft.$6,160
12ft. X 20ft.240ft.$8,400
13ft. X 20ft.260ft.$9,100
14ft. X 21ft294ft.$9,410
15ft. X 23ft.345ft.$11.040
17ft. X 26ft. 442ft.$14,144
18ft. X 28ft. 504ft.$15,120
19ft. X 30ft. 570ft.$17,100
20ft. X 31ft.620ft.$18,600
25ft. X 39ft.975ft.$27,300

*For murals smaller than listed above please contact us here for a custom quote.

Non Refundable Design/ Sketch fee – $1,500, with $1000 credit applied towards final mural payment once booked. Includes up to two sets of changes by the client. Additional sketches charged at $100/ sketch.

Pricing Includes: Travel within Nanaimo Regional District, all materials, rental equipment (excluding lifts or scaffolding), and work to completion.

Pricing Does Not Include: Travel outside of Nanaimo Regional District, liability insurance, or wall preparation.

*Additional work due to adverse conditions on surfaces that require extraneous labour will be charged extra by the hour, at a rate of $100 per hour.

PAYMENT TERMS: Design fee of $1,500 due prior to the sketch process. A 50% non-refundable deposit is due 30 days prior to the start day of painting, this allows for ordering and delivery of supplies. Full balance is due on the day of completion.

*Additional Services available   –  (inquire here).